Meet Kim Kenney-Rockwal

Passionate, Realistic, Practical Leadership Coaching

The key to becoming an effective leader is to first understand yourself.

I work with leadership teams to maximize individual and team effectiveness, take you on a journey of self-reflection, and then watch as you discover your own voice and power.

Are you experiencing communication issues, conflict between team members, or stalled projects? Are you new to leading, in charge of a new or transitioning team or having trouble optimizing talent? You’re in the right place and I’m excited to help.

I create leadership trainings based on the idea that self-awareness is critical for leaders. I guide leaders just like you to leverage their strengths and maximize efficiency.

My Commitment

I go on a unique journey with every client. Over the course of our work together, you’ll gain the ability to understand the diverse perspectives of your team. You’ll learn to recognize your inherent strengths. By understanding your own talents, you will learn to recognize the talents in others. This ability to see the gifts in others is a fundamental part of successful leadership.

Getting Here

My path to this work became clear many years ago. My experience in the world of Human Resources created a fire in me. I have seen brilliant people flounder when faced with leadership issues. What I know, is that most people have incredible potential to lead. The roadblock in your way is likely a list of long-held beliefs about yourself.

What I offer, is a way to silence these beliefs, and create a new and more useful list.

Why I Coach

They say, “those who can’t do, teach.” Well, I’ve done both. I have been the manager that no one wants to work with. I’ve been in charge of teams that didn’t communicate and weren't in sync.
I do this work because I’ve been there. I have experienced the feelings of failure, and the shift that happens when you start to focus on your gifts instead of your gaps. I stay on this path because I love helping people take the journey that I have taken. I love watching them develop into incredible leaders, contributors and mentors.

The KKR Difference

My process is unique because I see the strong and the good in people. I look for your potential, instead of your weaknesses. I focus on leveraging your innate gifts and talents, instead of seeking out traits to fix.

Focusing on things you should change doesn’t work. Your traits are hardwired and run deep. You’ve spent your whole life learning, interacting, and progressing in a particular way. Your style of leadership is reflecting a lifetime of moments, true and false beliefs about yourself, and an array of experiences. This is all good, fertile stuff.

You don’t have to change who you are to be a leader. If anything, you just need more of yourself.

More Than A Day Job

Work with me and I will guide you and your team to overcome the issues you’re facing. My experience is clear and enforced by decades of work in and around the human resources field. I’ve spent years coaching executives, managers, individual contributors and leadership teams across a wide variety of industries.

I earned my MBA from Western New England University, and I hold a variety of certifications, including:

  • Senior Professional in Human Resources
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Master Practitioner
  • Executive Coach

In other words, this is more than my day job. I live and breathe this work.

I would be honored to work with you to optimize your potential and help you recognize your unique strengths. Let’s transform the way you lead.

Your journey starts now.